Janet Jackson Turns 38
Janet Jackson Turns 38
Jackson Turns 38
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Happy Birthday, JANET JACKSON. Today, the most controversial musician in America turns 38. It's certainly been a rough 2004 for Janet, what with her changing the cultural landscape of the U.S. by exposing her breast during the Super Bowl.

Janet has already said that she never wants to talk about her "wardrobe malfunction" again and, of course, she can laugh about it now, as she demonstrated when she spoofed the incident on Saturday Night Life. However, she can't deny that Nipplegate has forever changed the way the U.S. thinks about material that is broadcast on TV and on the radio. Award shows that never had five-second delays before suddenly do. TV shows that never carried warnings before are doing it more often. And, of course, deejays have to be extra careful about what they say on the air.

Still, Janet feels that she's been sort of a pawn in this whole drive to clean up the airwaves. She's much more focused on promoting her new CD, Damita Jo, which isn't doing as well as her previous albums. In fact, she'll probably spend her birthday packing -- she's flying to Japan on Monday to do more promotion.

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