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New Weekend Movies

Aug 7, 2004 / 5:33 pm

Little Black Book - BRITTANY MURPHY stars as an associate producer of a daytime TV talk show who sneaks into her boyfriend""s Palm Pilot so she can contact his...

Oprah Till 2011

Aug 6, 2004 / 6:45 am

Oprah Winfrey has signed a contract with King World Productions that insures her a place on our TVs until 2011. The Queen of Talk had said before that she was...

New American Idol Judge?

Aug 5, 2004 / 6:45 am

American Idol returns in January for its 4th season, with a few changes: the age limit for contestants has been raised by two years, to 28 -- the minimum age...

Paris Hilton Wants Scandal To Die

Aug 3, 2004 / 6:45 am

Nick Carter can breathe easy. Despite reports linking the Backstreet Boy with those bruises on his former girlfriend Paris Hilton, we hear the hotel heiress...

William Hung Christmas Album

Aug 2, 2004 / 8:00 am

Will someone please tell WILLIAM HUNG that his 15 minutes of fame are up? The "singer" that music loves to hate is not only talking about making a Christmas...

Affleck Looking For Date

Aug 1, 2004 / 5:30 am

Just a few months after all but leaving fiancée JENNIFER LOPEZ standing at the altar and then rebounding with ENZA SAMBATARO, BEN AFFLECK is an eligible...

New In Theaters

Jul 31, 2004 / 5:30 am

The Manchurian Candidate: DENZEL WASHINGTON stars in this remake of the 1962 original, taking on a role made famous by FRANK SINATRA. The story revolves around...

Demi & Ashton To Get Hitched?

Jul 30, 2004 / 6:45 am

A 43-year-old caretaker who was looking after the California home of FIVE FOR FIGHTING""s JOHN ONDRASIK is now listed in stable condition after being stabbed...

Dustin Hoffman Saves Life

Jul 29, 2004 / 6:45 am

Catherine Zeta-Jones took the stand yesterday at a preliminary hearing for a stalker who threatened to kill her. Dawnette Knight is charged with 25 counts of...

Brosnan Ditches 007?

Jul 28, 2004 / 6:45 am

The syndicated TV series "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" is going off the air, permanently. Seacrest was unable to turn his visibility as host of Fox""s "American...

Mary-Kate Released

Jul 27, 2004 / 6:45 am

Mary-Kate Olsen has been released from the facility where she had been battling an eating disorder, and has returned to her home. This according to the...

Bourne Supremacy Top Movie

Jul 26, 2004 / 6:48 am

Matt Damon became the latest 50 million dollar man to grace the box office this summer. His latest effort, The Bourne Supremacy, took in 53.5 million bucks in...

Top Video Rentals

Jul 25, 2004 / 10:30 am

BOB NEWHART has been immortalized in bronze, thanks to a statue commissioned by cable network TV Land. A life-sized monument of Newhart -- honoring his...

Sutherland A Male Stripper?

Jul 24, 2004 / 5:30 am

24 star KIEFER SUTHERLAND may have a new career ahead of him: male stripper. While hanging out at a club in New Zealand last week, Sutherland got into the...

New In Theatres

Jul 24, 2004 / 5:30 am

It""s all about superheroes and spy thrillers this weekend. Let""s check out the new releases: Catwoman: HALLE BERRY stars as Patience Philips, a graphic...

Martha Ready To Do Time?

Jul 23, 2004 / 6:45 am

Is Martha Stewart ready to do her time? The domestic diva has resolved to surrender to prison authorities, perhaps next week, a well-placed source tells us....

Cat Woman Opens Friday

Jul 22, 2004 / 6:45 am

Halle Berry stars as "Catwoman," opening nationwide tomorrow. Berry isn""t the first beautiful woman to play the comic book character -- a fact that wasn""t...

Nelly Rocks Prospera

Jul 21, 2004 / 6:45 am

Former Victoria native Nelly Furtado performed to an appreciative crowd at Prospera Place last night. The BC singer has had a whirlwind few weeks, performing...

Move Over Ken & Barbie

Jul 20, 2004 / 2:28 pm

Spiderman2 co-star Kirsten Dunst is making headlines after telling the designers of the Spiderman2 video game to get rid of the big breasts on her character and...

Demi Moore Pregnant?

Jul 20, 2004 / 6:45 am

There’s a report this morning out of the Hollywood gossip pages that Demi Moore is pregnant and her boyfriend Ashton Kutcher couldn""t be happier: This past...