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Shocking allegations against Lohan

This one is pretty crazypants, and I am betting Lohan’s thinking to herself, “What the hell is going on with my life right now?”  Two steps forward…

Just as Lohan was on her way to court the other day to review the progress of her probation (which seems to be going much better), the starlet was hit with a rather strange lawsuit!

According to a 12-page document obtained by TMZ, a man named Thomas A Green, is alleging that Lohan communicated with him online, agreeing to take part in a dot-com type business.  She then backed out.

The reason he’s claiming she backed out: he was close to uncovering the truth about her involvement with the assassination of Osama Bin Laden!

Riiiiiigggght!  Delusional much?

In the legal file that sounds about as crazy as Lohan and Courtney Love’s Twitter account combined, the man wrote some complete and utter jibberish; “[Thomas] set out to command [Lohan] to twitter and stated if [Lohan] acknowledges this is an Osama Bin Laden op all civilians in past wrong doing will receive  clemency.” 


He then went on to accuse Lohan with no justification, other than her current state of affairs that Lohan “might be a high-end prostitute.”

High-end?  Well, that’s even crazier than the accusation itself!

Green, who also claims to be a former US Marine, was recently forced to stay in a homeless shelter due to his “depreciated stage of delusion and hallucinations.”

No matter how crazy and bizarre his allegations seem to be though, Green has hired a process server and is suing Lohan for $300,000 in unfair business practices.

Brad Pitt Laughs So Hard, He Cries

If there is one main reason to purchase the DVD ‘Moneyball’ ladies, it’s this behind the scenes clip of Pitt laughing uncontrollably…

So who’s making Pitt laugh so hard?  Co-star Jonah Hill, whose back is to the camera…

Some of Pitt’s facial expressions are priceless!

British Airways Mistakenly Freaks Out Passengers!

Being one of those people that has a terrible fear of flying, something like this might have sent me into a mental tailspin of dread, despair, and uncontrollable crying!

On overnight British Airways transatlantic flight from Miami to London’s Heathrow Airport, turned into sheer panic when a recorded message accidentally announced that the plane was about to crash in the Atlantic Ocean!

Someone pass the Ativan, and a bottle of Jack Daniels, please!

“We were about three hours into the flight when an automated message came over ... saying, ‘This is an emergency. We will shortly be making an emergency landing on water,’” a passenger told the London Daily Mail.

The passenger said he and his wife braced for impact, along with the rest of the passengers on the flight of horror over the weekend!

“We looked at each other and figured we were both about to die,” he told the British paper. “Families with children were distraught and people were in tears. It was very distressing.”

A mere 30 seconds later, a crew member casually (casually) announced that the pre-recorded message was played by accident and that there was nothing too be alarmed about!

Ummm, whoops?

The tone of the apology at 35,000 feet hardly seemed to reflect the terror caused by the 3am announcement!
“Imagining yourself plunging toward a cold, watery grave in the middle of the Atlantic is a pretty horrific thought,” said the London resident. “But [the airline] seemed pretty blasé about it.”

The plane landed without any incident on Saturday, and the airline gave an immediate apology to the terrified passengers, in the form of a letter, as each person exited the plane.

This isn’t the first time a British Airways flight has cried wolf. 

In August 2010, the exact same message announcing the emergency landing on water was also played by mistake on a flight from London to Hong


Casa de mi Padre

Only Will Farrell could pull off a Spanish action comedy, complete with subtitles!

In this upcoming film, out on March 16th, Farrell plays Armando Alvarez, a man who has lived and worked his whole life on his father’s ranch in Mexico.

When he learns that the ranch is in financial turmoil, Armando is devastated.

Enter his younger brother, Raul (Diego Luna), a successful businessman, who shows up with his new fiancée to save the day!

It is soon discovered though that Raul’s ‘business’ dealings are less then legit, landing them in an all-out war with Onza (Gael Garcia Bernal), who is the dangerous leader of a drug cartel.

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