More peas please

Peas may not be known as the most “exotic” of vegetables, but those little green legumes pack a nutrient-dense punch.  Vitamin K, manganese, vitamin B1, and copper top a long list of beneficial vitamins and minerals.  And peas have a variety of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory perks too.  Here are just a couple of the great reasons to pick up some fresh peas on your next visit to the local farmers' market.


Healthy Fat

Studies have shown that peas contain a reliable source of Omega 3, a healthy fat. Omega 6 can also be found in these little green jewels.  You don’t get a particularly large amount of either Omega in a serving, but adding them to your plate still goes a long way in helping us get important fat-soluble nutrients in our diets.  Those nutrients keep our bodies and brains functioning happily.


Protein & Fiber

There are few foods out there that can provide us with the same amount of protein and fiber as green peas. Roughly 8-10 grams of both protein and fiber can be found in one cup. This wonderful combination can help regulate the pace of food digestion. By regulating digestion you help regulate the breakdown of starches to sugar as well as carbs. And when you regulate carbs, your blood sugar stays steadier, and that helps you avoid day-dreaming about afternoon naps.  

Peas are currently in season so enjoy them fresh while you can!  During the off-season frozen peas are still a good alternative.  Frozen peas can still maintain good health properties for up to three months.

Try adding some fresh peas to your next salad, or pack some pea pods in your lunch for a healthy and fun-to-eat snack!

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