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Seniors and summer

The nice weather has arrived, which is great. Finally seniors can get outside for walks or to work in a garden.

During the summer months, families have more time to be with their parents or grandparents as children are out of school and people are taking holidays.

It is important that when seniors are out walking that they have a piece of identification with them and the name of a person to call in case of an emergency. Also, include if they have a No Cardio Resuscitation in place. The emergency contact person needs to be aware of this decision.

Proper walking shoes should be worn to help prevent falls. Sidewalks and roads can be uneven to walk on. If it is needed, a walker ought to be used. It is not only an aid to keep the seniors steady but it is also used for seniors to sit down on to rest. Seniors sit on the walkers to enjoy a view where a bench is not available.

A sweater needs to be available, as although the weather may be nice, seniors can feel cold. Hydration is extremely important for all seniors. Just because they do not feel thirsty does not mean that they do not need more water in their systems. They should always be drinking water. Dehydration is dangerous.

This is also the time of the year that family events and weddings are happening. Everyone wants to have their parents or grandparents involved and the seniors want to attend. However, consideration must be taken as to how long the seniors can be at an event. Some seniors have problems being around too many people at one time, even if it is family members. Families think that they are caring when they have their parents and grandparents at a wedding and then a dinner and dance or an all-day family reunion, and the seniors will try their best to do so but the seniors might pay for it the next few days with exhaustion.

Any senior with hearing problems will tell you how annoying loud music and background noise can be. They might be at an event but not really participating, which can make them feel isolated and ignored. Do not plan on seniors attending events for more than two to three hours without at least having a chance to rest and make sure that they are drinking water.

Even the change of being out of their known environments and comfort zones can be unsettling. This can be particularly hard on those with dementia.

The length of time that it takes to travel by airplane is extremely exhausting. When travelling seniors need to make sure that they have proper identification. Some seniors do not have a current passport or driver’s license. Care also needs to be taken to ensure that all medications are properly packaged and identified.

The summer months can be an enjoyable time for both seniors and their families if care is taken to ensure the seniors remain safe and healthy.


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Sharen Marteny created Seniors Consulting a division of Marteny Seniors Consulting Ltd, which assists families of seniors determine the needs and wants of seniors when living at home is no longer an option. Care Coordination is done for seniors when the family does not live in the area and provides a temporary 24-hour emergency contact to allow families to take a well deserved vacation or respite.

She is a member of the United Way Campaign and focuses on raising funds for registered charities that relate to seniors. She is also on the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission Advisory Board to ensure the products and services that seniors need will be available. Sharen's goal is to ensure that issues relevant to seniors are addressed.

She is a Certified Seniors Advisor with over 25 years experience in management and the seniors' retirement industry.



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