Civic Election 2018  

Ron Burton

Ron Burton

School District 22 Trustee candidate


Why should voters cast a ballot for you October 20?

Voters should vote for me on October 20, 2018, because I bring 31 years of experience on a successful school board – Burnaby District 41.

The Burnaby school board are leaders in:

  • Addressing gender and racial inequities in leadership positions in Burnaby.
  • Facilitating daycare for the parent community.
  • Creating and maintaining community schools.
  • Building an inclusive and caring student environment.

I bring strong communication skills and an ability to build consensus among diverse groups.

Most importantly, I bring a passion to public education, work well with all partner groups and believe strongly in student-centred learning.

Students are our future and need to be at the forefront of our discussions. Making decisions must be for the benefit of students and their learning.

2) What is the biggest issue facing the Vernon School District, and as a member of the board of education, how would you work to address this issue?

The biggest issue facing the Vernon School District is attracting and retaining classroom teacher, specialist teachers and teachers teaching on call.

This is a very complex issue with no easy solution. The issue became chronic with the well deserved Supreme Court Decision regarding class size and composition.

The District could work with city officials to publicize and attract young people to Vernon. 

Make the work environment a positive place. Initiate a “Shadow a Teacher day” to expose Grade 11 and 12 students to the teaching profession.

Look at creating a local course that gives students the opportunity to learn about teaching. Possibly create a district training program for Educational Assistants.

3) Balancing a budget while providing quality education means sometimes making difficult decisions that affect the lives of young children. Can you provide an example of a time when you were forced to make a difficult decision that affected the lives of many?

I have made many decisions that have affected many people.

One that stands out is a decision made by the Burnaby School Board to work with the Provincial Government to close Jericho Residential School for the Deaf.

It was relocated and incorporated into the newly built Burnaby South High School. 

It ended a painful era for the hearing impaired students of the residential school and affected many old and new students.

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