Civic Election 2018  

Sheri Minard

Sheri Minard

School District 22 Trustee candidate

My name is Sheri Minard and I am proudly running for School Trustee for Lumby, Cherryville and Electoral Area D.

My husband, son and I moved to Lumby a year and a half ago and we thoroughly love it here. 

Prior to living in Lumby, I lived in Vernon for almost my entire life where I attended Silver Star Elementary and I graduated from VSS.

I am a senior legal assistant at a very supportive law firm, Kidston &Company.

I am an active member in PAC, a former 3-year PAC secretary, DPAC representative, and DPAC President. 

I have sat on the District calendar committee, transportation/bussing committee and hiring committees. 

I am dedicating to fighting for change that will provide our students with more classroom resources, technology and supports including more Educational Assistants, Councillors and specialized teachers.

As a previous vocational instructor at Okanagan College, I saw and felt the transformative nature of education.

I saw how it empowered my students to believe in themselves and how it set them on the path to achieving the goals they had set. 

When my son started in Kindergarten, I saw these same changes. 

The enthusiasm when he told me all about spawning salmon or that trees give us oxygen was and is still heartwarming. I’ve also seen the frustration about not getting a math concept and helping him work through it and joy and relief when he finally did. 

I want every child to be able to come to school, feel welcome, safe, and supported so they can achieve their success.

If I am elected as a Trustee, I would use my passion for education to strive to ensure we have an education system that provides the classroom and educational resources for the success of each student.


Why should voters cast a ballot for me on October 20th?

I lived in Vernon from the age of 5 up to a year and a half ago when my husband, son and I moved to Lumby. I attended Silver Star Elementary and graduated from Vernon Secondary School. 

For us, Lumby has been such a welcoming community and as someone with a passion for education and a belief that a great education system includes a great community, I wanted to be a part of our student's educational success.

As a Trustee, establishing District policies and procedures to empower our students so they can achieve their greatest success at each step of their education is my goal. 

We have a great school district with inspiring educators and we have great post-secondary opportunities and employment opportunities for our children within our community. 

I think the current Board of Education has done a great job with the changing culture and new curriculum, but I always think that change, new ideas, and new people are important, and I believe that I have the skills and abilities to help facilitate the change that is needed.

One key change that is needed is having an open working relationship with our partner groups – parents, teachers, principals/vice principals, CUPE members. Why is including our partner groups so important? 

Our goal as a district is, and should always be, to provide the best opportunities for our students to be successful. If our partner groups are supported, feel included, that good job they are currently doing becomes a fantastic. 

Don’t misunderstand me, we have wonderfully passionate and dedicated teachers but sometimes the systems in place can place roadblocks and we need to learn to work together to work through those obstacles.

Your vote for me, If I am elected as a Trustee, will be for a trustee that is a proven communicator dedicated to empowering students to achieve their greatest potential.

2) What is the biggest issue facing the Vernon School District and as a member of the Board of Education, how would you work to address this issue?

I think one of the largest issues is funding. More funds would mean more we can do for our students’ education. 

But as we know, funding comes from the government, so as we fight for a better funding formula to provide us with more funds, we need to concentrate on the funds we do receive. 

Revising the budget process to start earlier combined with greater input and collaboration from our partner groups is the first step. As trustees, we must always remember the goal of our position which is to provide the best and most educational choices for all students our district to be successful.

Receiving input from our partner groups provides trustees with more information to base our decisions on. 

Meeting with our teachers, CUPE members, Aboriginal education, Principals and Vice Principals and our parents can provide us with information on what worked in the previous year, what is currently working or not working and what they feel is best for the present and future. 

Using this information can allow us to allocate funds to provide the largest impact and benefit to our students.

3) Balancing a budget while providing quality education means sometimes making difficult decisions that affect the lives of young children. Can you provide an example of a time where you were forced to make a difficult decision that affected the lives of many?

I have not had to make a difficult decision that affected the lives of many. I have, however, made decisions that did affect many lives. I believe that my decision to go back to school to take my Provincial Instructors Diploma was one of those decisions as it affected every student whom I taught. 

I taught for a Continuing Studies program at Okanagan College called Fast Track to Office. 

It is a 12-week office administration course for mature students who are looking to gain some practical office skills to return to the workplace. 

In each program that I taught, I was able to see the power of education and how I could assist my students in achieving their goals.

We started out with English and Math basics – what is a noun, verb, adjective or adding, subtracting multiplication and division. It was amazing how many students stated they hated these subjects, or they weren’t good at them. 

My goal for each student was to help them succeed in the program – however that success looked like to each student. Some just wanted to pass, others wanted to achieve 100%.

The most fulfilling moments as an instructor is when the students achieve that ah-ha moment or when they completed the course and recognize that the hard work has paid off.

I recognized education can be powerful, transforming and empowering. 

As a trustee, I would bring this knowledge to the position to ensure that each student in School District 22 is able to feel the power of education and achieve their own success.

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