Civic Election 2018  

Tom Williamson

Tom Williamson 

SD 22 Trustee candidate.

I am Thomas (Tom) Williamson – Husband, Father, Grandfather and Retired Educator. 

I was born and raised in Vernon, leaving for a time to pursue athletic and academic opportunities. 

After receiving my BA in Physical Education from UBC, Vancouver campus and a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington, a position with School District #22 was offered. 

My tenure included classroom teaching, developing innovative programs and in the last ten years, District Career coordinator. 

1) Why should voters cast a ballot for you October 20? 

My qualifications, experience and knowledge, provide a strong foundation and understanding of process within our school system. 

My objectives are to strengthen programs related to successful career development, which I feel starts in the early years and progresses up to graduation.

For this reason, I would be a good candidate for School District #22 Trustee.

2) What is the biggest issue facing the Vernon School District, and as a member of the board of education, how would you work to address this issue? 

When asked what the biggest issue facing the school board and how to address it, I would say that the issues surrounding Provincial funding, innovative fund-raising and budgeting would present the greatest challenges.

I would encourage open dialogue and entertain innovative ideas inclusive of all stakeholders to address this issue.

3) Balancing a budget while providing quality education means sometimes making difficult decisions that affect the lives of young children. Can you provide an example of a time when you were forced to make a difficult decision that affected the lives of many?

Addressing the question of having to face a difficult decision and how it may have affected the lives of others, athletics come to mind. 

I have coached within the school system and extensively within the community through Vernon Minor Hockey. 

Deciding if a player from a high-level rep. team should be let go, when all their hopes and dreams are tied to that one sport, is extremely difficult. 

To me, this is having to face and manage a difficult decision, to do so without breaking the individual’s spirit, enthusiasm or self-worth.

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