Helping kids be all that they can be

United Way has three focus areas that the groups they fund must be working towards: moving People from Poverty to Possibility, Healthy People in Strong Communities and Helping Kids Be All That They Can Be. The Family Place program at Enderby & District Community Resource Centre works in these focus areas.

For the past 4 ½ years, Angela Casey has been coming to Family Place with her kids.  “Some of the moms and I put our heads together to come up with why we like coming to Enderby Family Place” said Angela. “We came up with a long list of reasons; anything from the kids getting together and learning to share and play; to visiting and having coffee with other moms where we can relax and not think about the dishes, laundry and making meals.  The kids enjoy crafts, colouring, songs, stories, snacks and playdough.  There is a clothing exchange, and Family Place provides information on other community programs and brings the Health Nurse and other professionals in for us and our children.”

“During the warm summer months we enjoy the playground and activities and lunch at the park,” said Angela. “The tables are always full at lunch time with homemade soup and chilli.  The most delicious biscuits are served! Every Wednesday, I look forward to the relaxation, many laughs and the carefree playing for the kids and social interaction with other moms.  It takes a whole community to raise a child, it's really true and it really does take a community.”

In addition to the socializing for the kids and Mums this program brings in early childhood professionals, the pubic health nurse, dental nurse and others to help the kids be healthy and school-ready.

United Way invests in programs like Enderby Family Place to give kids the best start in life possible. To find out more go to www.unitedwaynocs.com.


Article submitted by Linda Yule

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The mission of United Way is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

We call this our Community Impact Mission. Community impact is about achieving meaningful, long-term improvements to the quality of life in Canadian communities, by addressing not just the symptoms of problems but also getting at the root causes. It’s about making fundamental changes to community conditions.

United Way is achieving this mission by moving people from poverty to possibility, promoting healthy people and strong communities, and supporting all that kids can be.

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