Unplug and Play Week

Screens are a part of family life and they play many roles in our technology-based society. It is important for parents to be aware of screen time and strive for a healthy balance with other activities.

Here are a few strategies to reduce the screen time battles in your home:


1.  No screens before school.

Their brains are fresh and ready to play and learn and they are usually in a good mood, so don’t waste that time on screens.

2.  No screens until chores are done.

Provide age-appropriate chores around the house and then screen time can come once those are done.

3.  No screens one hour before bedtime.

Screens are stimulating, so bedtime routines and falling asleep are easier if children have at least an hour to de-stimulate with a bath, quiet play, snack, and a story.

4.  No screens during meals.

Use meal times as family time together without distractions, to talk about your day, or the world, or fun things that are coming up on the weekend.

5.  No screens in the vehicle.

There is so much to see as the world goes by the window. Kids that have the opportunity to take in their surroundings are, among other things, good navigators.


Be consistent yet flexible with the screen rules in your home and focus on enjoying the time with a variety of other activities.

For activity ideas, check out the Interior Savings Unplug and Play Week coming January 25-31st - a week devoted to awareness and activities promoting balancing technology use with time with family, creative pursuits, recreation, and connection to nature. United Way - Success by 6 along with CATCH and the Partners for Literacy are coordinating a week of fun family activities throughout the Central Okanagan.

From Frosty Fun at Mission Creek Regional Park to Pancakes and Pajamas, Games Night, Puppet Shows, a speaker on Internet and Social Media Safety, and a documentary inspiring us to reconnect with nature - It is going to be great week with ways for everyone to get involved.

For a full schedule of events go to www.okanagan4kids.com/unplug-play and join the Facebook Event for updates – Interior Savings Unplug and Play Week.

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