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Organizations, by and large, strive for win-win outcomes. The United Way loaned and sponsored representative program goes even further. It is a triple win benefiting individuals, businesses and communities.

A Loaned Representative is temporarily loaned from a business to assist during United Way’s fall campaign season. A Sponsored Representative can be hired by United Way thanks to a directed financial contribution from a corporate or individual donor.

The first win is for the organization that loans or sponsors an employee. Businesses actively seek out leadership training for employees, and this role is packed with learning. An additional benefit is United Way’s ability to showcase these philanthropic partners as a visible force for positive community change.

The second win is for the loaned or sponsored employee. An emerging leader gains enriched skills while fostering a deeper commitment to their community. They return to work re-invigorated, bringing with them enhanced communications abilities, broader networks, and experience in time and project management as well as negotiation.

Angela Pomeroy, who served as a sponsored representative at United Way CSO in 2012, experienced first-hand the power of community working together for a common purpose. Her role was made possible by the generosity of Interior Savings and the Colin and Lois Pritchard Foundation, and she has continued working with United Way as our Development Associate. Those who support the program make a profound philanthropic impact in their community, because the gift is leveraged to achieve impact far beyond the cost of the initial investment.

“Change is something that is achievable for any person. I think of those individuals who come from the mindset of ‘what can I do? I’m just one person.’ I was asked that question quite often when I was doing presentations to organizations. People would say, ‘I can’t afford something huge that would make a real change.’ But you have to remember that every bit of change literally adds up.”

Thousands of community members will be positively affected by the work of one loaned or sponsored representative, so the third win is a big one for communities. When local workplaces are supported by these representatives to run successful and engaging internal fundraising campaigns, more people understand the needs in their community and how their decision to give, volunteer or act result in change.

Rhonda Ewan was a loaned representative from Interior Savings for the 2013 United Way CSO Campaign.

“It gave me a good feeling. I was giving back to my community, in a way that I learned more about what’s going on in my own backyard. I was born and raised here and am I raising my kids here, and I want them to grow up in a strong community and know what they can do to make a difference.”

To find out more about the Loaned and Sponsored Representative Program, and how United Way makes change happen in our communities, contact us at 250-860-2356 or visit www.unitedwaycso.com.

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