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Success by 6®, as a United Way impact initiative, focuses on supporting preventative health and development programs for children six years of age or less and their families.   Amanda Turner is the Success by 6 Coordinator and a mother of two boys.


Ever questioned whether you are doing the “right” thing as a parent? Have you Googled whether a behaviour your child is doing is “normal”? Do you find more confusing information, opinions and tips than you know what to do with? Well, welcome to parenthood!

Since the dawn of time parents have questioned their abilities, skills and knowledge to raise the next generation. In times past, extended families had a large role in supporting new parents, mostly new moms, in their exponentially increased tasks with an infant in the house. Grandmothers, aunties, neighbours and friends were on hand with casseroles as well as tips, support and answers about what works.

While times have changed, babies and children still do not come with instruction manuals. These days, many families no longer live near extended family and are less surrounded by the community of support needed to cope with raising young children. On top of that, the world has changed, parents are dealing with different questions and concerns than their parents did.  Today they are facing more financial pressure, increased expectations, increased marketing toward children, cyber-bullying, social media and screen addictions at ever younger ages.

While all families are comprised with different people and are facing different challenges, the fact is that parents have a desire to do their best and to raise their children to their best potential - that ties all parents together.

The new Okanagan Parent Conference is focusing on these ties that bind. The conference will be taking place on Saturday, April 5th and will feature speakers and topics geared toward all parents with children from infant to pre-teen. Parents will be able to register mid-February for the one-day conference which will offer child-minding, lunch, keynote address, and your choice of workshops all for a bargain price. The Okanagan Parent Conference is sponsored by the Credit Unions of BC and is being presented by Success by 6 along with local credit unions and community partners.

For more information or to register head to www.okanaganparentconference.com

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