Central Okanagan  

Carr's Landing Art Tour

This year, nine artists are participating in the Studio Tour. They represent almost every field: painting, healing crystals, metalwork, sculptures, photography, prints and books – styles ranging from abstract to impressionism to high-realism.

Whether you are an experienced art lover or a novice, the Carr’s Landing Art Tour offers an artistic feast that will fulfill almost every taste bud. At the very least, it’s a relaxing, fun way to spend the weekend. 

Dates: July 27 & 28 and August 3 & 4

From 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Follow the signs along Carr’s Landing Road and visit the website  or call 250-766-4459. 

The Artists:

Doug Morgan is a photographer and printer specializing in large panoramic prints. Doug's work includes scenes from throughout the Okanagan, the BC lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and various locations in Alberta. Okanagan subjects include many of the local wineries, golf courses, and general scenery. In order to produce large prints of the utmost detail and clarity, Doug combines many individual images into -a single high-resolution composition. Some of the larger works may encompass hundreds of individual frames and billions of pixels which allows his pictures to be printed in a variety of sizes. 
Dale is unique in how she applies her magic to her variety of Healing Jewelry. As you know crystals, gemstones and organic pieces on their own have healing properties. In addition to that every piece of a creation is tested for compatibility and infused with Reiki, Tesla and love energy . Each piece has a voice. No surprise then that the piece that draws your attention is often the piece that you purchase, It speaks to you. 

Laine Lowe took art courses at the University of Alberta. She settled in Carr’s Landing in 1992 and she has continued her art education since moving to the Okanagan. The area has given her the calm serenity she seeks. Laine’s intent is to capture a moment of light and shadow. The end result is an accentuation of softness, contrast and reflection. She has worked with watercolors, acrylics and oil paints. She has explored the art of printmaking and collage has used it to create mixed media pieces. Laine has been part of local art shows and has shown her work at the Member’s Exhibition of the Lake Country Art Gallery.  

Chris Malmkvist: The past year has been very busy and lots of new work. I am working on a “Metal Sculpture” of a Blue Heron – My First Go at Metal Sculpture – work in progress. I had quite the challenge with a commissioned sculpture of a black bear. My first work was going along fine until – I noticed that there was a flaw in the stone, when I worked near the flaw in the stone it split in two and that was the end of that (*&%#). Off I went to pick up another dark stone and work went much smoother the second time and the bear is now in its new home .As always my ongoing work is sometimes very challenging and other times goes as smooth as silk. 

Virginia May has developed a free flowing style of painting ,very much influenced by her muse, the Okanagan. Much of her work is local landscape, with flowers and colour an integral part. She discovered Acrylics after returning to painting following retirement. as a lawyer. She is a social painter.

Wendy Klein was born in Sussex England where she began her interest in humerous and conceptual art. After moving to the U.S she began her studies which led to her becoming a successful freelance illustrator. Among her repeat clients were a San Diego Newspaper, Jems and medical magazines and several others. During this time Wendy was commissioned to illustrate a children's book for Capstone Press, as well as T-shirt and greeting card designs for other companies. Wendy also renovated antique movie posters for Sotherbys, which involved working closely with a team of eight. Following her return to France her art was exhibited in several city galleries. Wendy eventually moved to BC Canada in 1999 where she still lives with her Husband Alain, working in her studio and exhibiting her oil paintings, greeting cards, prints and books in her gallery. 

Tina Koonihuzen's personal creative outlets are painting with oils; either works of children and nature or darker surreal environments depending on how the mood strikes; , photographing conceptual fine art portraits and scenery;  "I am blessed to live in a place where inspiration lives just outside my front door," says Tina and in an attempt to stay true to her creative self, she designs interior spaces for a living. (Home At Last Interiors) She finds great joy and fulfillment in all of these mediums.

Among John Waite's new work are a few paintings adding to his series on thickets celebrating the rustic beauty of nature's accidents and irregularities. Also included are scenes from the Oregon coast --battered rocky shores, sea mounds and surf washed beaches.



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