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Tricia fights hard to hold back her tears. She had to move home this year after fifteen years of living on her own.

As a holistic health practitioner, certified herbalist and reflexologist she is used to healing others. But a serious car crash six years ago pushed her towards disability and chronic ill-health.

Tricia has always coped with a sensitive digestive system and lived with serious food allergies, however; the accident caused nerve damage and sciatica leading to chronic fatigue. Gradually, she lost her ability to work.

To make matters worse, her food allergies have become more severe. Foods once considered safe now trigger serious reactions.

Healthy, organic food was Tricia’s only necessary indulgence. But whole and natural food is very expensive. Her disability pension leaves little leftover to purchase the few foods she can safely eat.

Tricia turned to the Food Bank for help. Volunteers and staff work one-on-one with her to find food that she can eat.

Tricia feels deprived in every area of her life. Although she is grateful to be living at home, she can’t help feeling discouraged. All she knows is going to the doctor, doing physiotherapy and being at home.

The Food Bank is one of the few bright lights in Tricia’s life. She is very thankful for the care and consideration she receives. She shares her story to help others.

Tricia asks that you please Cast-A-Light for someone like her today.

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