Singh noncommittal on keeping scheduled increases to Liberals' carbon price in place

Singh noncommittal on tax

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is raising eyebrows anew over his carbon pricing stance, refusing to say today whether or not he would keep scheduled increases in place if he becomes prime minister.

The federal carbon price is set to rise to $170 per tonne of carbon dioxide or equivalent by 2030.

Singh says his party will be putting forward its own plan.

But he isn't saying whether that includes maintaining the current system.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has made repealing carbon price a focal point of his campaigning, saying it's contributing to the cost of living.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government's carbon price puts back more money into most people's pockets, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As both leaders remain firm in their positions, Singh has refused to explicitly say whether or not he supports the current carbon price framework, despite running on it in the 2019 election.

On Monday, he deflected questions about the carbon price by attacking Poilievre, accusing him of having no environmental plan.

"What we've said, our plan that we will put forward is one that is fair for working people, takes on the big polluters, and lowers our emissions," Singh said.

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