Pat King asks to move convoy trial out of Ottawa

Seeks convoy trial move

Freedom Convoy organizer Pat King has asked the court once again to move his criminal trial out of Ottawa, even though others who were charged during the demonstration have been denied similar requests.

King's lawyer Natasha Calvinho is arguing that King had a greater notoriety than most other convoy organizers and even Ontario MPP Randy Hillier, who also faces charges related to the convoy last winter.

Convoy organizer James Bauder and Hillier had said in their own unsuccessful attempts that they felt an Ottawa jury would be prejudiced against them because of the impact the convoy had on Ottawa residents.

King was among the original group of organizers that brought big rigs and other trucks to the capital to protest COVID-19 public health restrictions in early 2022, and Calvinho says his name has been highly publicized ever since.

The Crown has asked for the request to be dismissed, and Calvinho acknowledged in court that King's request would be an "uphill battle" for her to argue.

King is charged with mischief and other charges related to counselling others to mischief, disobeying a court order and obstructing police.

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