NDP, Bloc say Speaker should resign after honouring man who fought for Nazis

'Speaker should resign'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it is deeply embarrassing to Parliament to all Canadians that the Speaker of the House of Commons invited a man who fought for the Nazis to attend a speech by the Ukrainian president.

Trudeau says Speaker Anthony Rota has acknowledged his mistake.

But that's not enough for the New Democrats and Bloc Québécois, who are calling for Rota's resignation.

Both opposition parties say he has lost the confidence of the House.

But the Conservative Party is placing the blame on the Prime Minister's Office, saying the government has a responsibility to vet guests at high-profile events.

Rota said in the House this morning that he alone was responsible for inviting and recognizing Yaroslav Hunka, who fought for the First Ukrainian Division in the Second World War, at an address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy last Friday.

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