Poilievre threatens to filibuster budget bill if Liberals don't meet demands

Poilievre threatens filibuster

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is threatening to use procedural tools to delay passage of the federal budget in the House of Commons if the Liberals don't meet his demands.

During a news conference this morning, Poilievre outlines two conditions to avoid potential filibustering by his party.

He is calling on the federal government to present a plan to balance its budget "in order to bring down inflation and interest rates."

He also demands the Liberals cancel any future increases to the carbon price.

Poilievre says if his demands are not met, his party will use all procedural tools at its disposal, including amendments and lengthy speeches, to block the bill.

Poilievre's threat comes as MPs gear up for their summer break, with the Commons set to rise June 23.

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