OLG still searching for $70M Lotto Max winner, prize must be claimed by June 28

$70M prize set to expire

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation says a $70 million Lotto Max ticket could become the largest unclaimed individual jackpot in the country if a winner doesn't step forward to grab their prize next month.

OLG spokesperson Tony Bitonti says the winning ticket was drawn in June 2022 and the person who bought it in the east Toronto neighbourhood of Scarborough has until June 28 of this year to claim the amount.

Bitonti says so far, the largest unclaimed jackpot on record is $15 million and that ticket was sold in British Columbia.

He says even if the winner has lost their ticket, they can give OLG's forensics team a call to answer several questions –including about when, where and how they bought the ticket – to claim their prize.

Bitoni says OLG is hopeful the winner will come forward.

The corporation that has been operating since 1975 is asking anyone who may have a purchased a ticket at a Scarborough lottery location to check their pockets, purses, laundry baskets, or anywhere else they could think of for the winning ticket.

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