Daughter follows David Suzuki's footsteps to co-host CBC's 'The Nature of Things'

Following dad's footsteps

David Suzuki's daughter Sarika Cullis-Suzuki has been named the next co-host of “The Nature of Things.”

CBC said Wednesday that Cullis-Suzuki will take the reins from her father along with marine biologist and environmentalist Anthony Morgan following Suzuki's retirement in the spring. 

Suzuki himself made the announcement by video at a CBC media event to tout their upcoming winter lineup. 

In the clip, Suzuki referred to himself as the elder environmentalist who “spends his days foraging for delicious snacks” while disrupting the status quo. That cut to a pyjama-clad Suzuki seen probing his fridge and later, practising yoga, shirtless.

“I’m so excited because the new hosts Anthony and Cullis will be coming in — they’re young and vibrant,” Suzuki added in the video message.

“I want to thank you, our audience, you’ve kept us on air all these years, a steadfast, loyal audience, and don’t worry, it’s going to continue to be important to everyone.” 

Suzuki announced in October that he will retire from the science series at the end of next season, which launches Jan. 6, 2023, on CBC TV and CBC Gem.

CBC said Cullis-Suzuki and Morgan have guest-hosted past episodes and will each host an episode in Suzuki’s final season. 

The Victoria-based Cullis-Suzuki, a trained marine biologist, also hosted CBC-TV's "The Suzuki Diaries" in 2008 with her father.

Cullis-Suzuki said in a release that it “feels amazing” to be a part of the show's legacy, not just because of her father's connection but because she believes in the show. 

“It is such an honour. I feel so humbled," Cullis-Suzuki said.

The Toronto-based Morgan is described as a television host, entrepreneur, game designer and PhD researcher. He holds an honours B.Sc. in psychology, neuroscience and behaviour from McMaster University and a degree in science communication from Laurentian University. 

“I don’t think anybody can be David Suzuki, because he really is this kind of singular, inimitable character. And so I think the challenge for me is going to try to be myself and allow myself to genuinely follow my curiosity the way that I always have,” Morgan said in a release.

Suzuki began hosting “The Nature of Things” on Oct. 29, 1979.

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