Third coyote killed following seven attacks on humans in Burlington, Ont.

Attacking coyotes killed

The city of Burlington, Ont., says it has eliminated a third coyote responsible for seven unprovoked attacks on humans since late August.

In a press release, the city of Burlington says the coyotes were identified and eliminated Tuesday morning based on descriptions provided by residents that were attacked.  

The pack of three coyotes, two of which were killed Monday, is believed to be responsible for seven human injuries in the past several weeks in south central Burlington.

Marianne Meed Ward, the mayor of Burlington, says in a tweet that the immediate threat to public from this family of coyotes was eliminated. 

Ward is asking members of the community to report any coyote sightings, and is calling on them to avoid feeding wildlife intentionally or unintentionally.

The city says its staff continues to be on high alert, patrolling the city to gather information, and looking for food sources.

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