About 675,000 signed up to vote in federal Conservative leadership: party

675,000 signed up to vote

The Conservatives say about 675,000 members signed up to vote for a new leader, a staggering number that the Tories believe sets an all-time record for any federal political party.

The party sent a preliminary voter list to candidates today and the final number is still subject to change, as leadership hopefuls will now be able to challenge the validity of any of those sign-ups.

Until the end of Monday, candidates will be allowed to issue challenges, which have to be substantiated, and the voter list will be finalized in July.

However, the party says some 6,500 non-compliant sales have already been cut — for example, those who signed up more than once or who used prepaid cards.

The party is not releasing how many members each individual candidate signed up, after Pierre Poilievre claimed he sold nearly 312,000 memberships through his website.

Six candidates are vying for the top job and the winner will be announced in Ottawa on Sept. 10.

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