Public inquiry in Nova Scotia seeking explanation from Ottawa about withheld notes

Mass shooting info withheld

The inquiry investigating the Nova Scotia mass shooting wants to know why the federal Justice Department withheld for several months four pages of notes from a senior Mountie.

In the handwritten pages, Supt. Darren Campbell alleges that the head of the RCMP, Commissioner Brenda Lucki, had promised to release details about the guns used during the rampage that left 22 dead in April 2020.

The commission of inquiry says the department sent 132 pages in February 2022, but they did not include Campbell's notes about a meeting with Lucki on April 28, 2020 — nine days after the massacre.

Campbell's notes say Lucki had had promised the Prime Minister's Office that the Mounties would release the descriptions, adding that the information would be "tied to pending gun control legislation."

The missing notes were submitted to the inquiry on May 31.

The inquiry's director of investigations, Barbara McLean, says the inquiry is "demanding an explanation for any further material that has been held back."

She says the commission is seeking assurance that nothing else has been held back.

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