Ottawa weighing ballistic missile defence as part of North American defence upgrades

Ottawa going ballistic?

Defence Minister Anita Anand says the federal government is weighing whether Canada should join the U.S. in actively defending against intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Anand made the comment this morning as she provided an update of sorts on Ottawa's plans to modernize North America's aging defences with the U.S.

Anand told a conference hosted by the Canadian Global Affairs Institute that the government is taking "a full and comprehensive look" at ballistic missile defence as part of a larger review of what is needed to better protect North America from attack.

Canada famously opted out of the U.S. ballistic missile defence program following an extremely heated national debate in 2005.

Yet the question of whether Canada should reconsider has repeatedly reared its head amid concerns about North Korea's growing nuclear arsenal and souring relations with Russia.

Anand also promised more details soon on how Canada and the U.S. will improve North America's overall defences, which military officials have warned are badly outdated.

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