Living Lakes Canada looking for volunteers to help monitor lakes

Help monitor our lakes

If you have a camera and a thermometer you can help contribute to lake stewardship in Canada.

Canada has experienced heatwaves, droughts and wildfires which have also taken a toll on the two million lakes in our country.

Living Lakes Canada is recruiting volunteers who are able to track the impacts of climate change on our lakes. In order to get the most accurate information the data needs to be collected over multiple years, and many of the two million lakes in Canada aren't monitored.

That's where you come in.

Living Lakes Canada is asking people to sign up to monitor their favourite lakes this summer as part of the second annual National Lake Blitz.

"Anyone with a camera, thermometer, and a lake they care about can participate in this water monitoring program. It is a simple way to contribute to lake stewardship in Canada. If you love lake life, this program is for you," states a press release from Living Lakes Canada.

Those who are interested can register online and participants will receive a free Lake Blitz Kit containing a thermometer, datasheets, a field guide, and instructions on how to monitor – from data collection to data entry. Training will be provided to all registered volunteers either online or by phone.

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