U.S. presses Canada to make good on promised 200-soldier peacekeeping force

Pressed on peacekeeping

The United States is asking Canada to make good on providing a promised 200-strong peacekeeping force, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to the United Nations four years ago.

The American request is contained in a letter sent earlier this month to Global Affairs Canada from the U.S. Embassy, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press.

The letter comes ahead of a high-level peacekeeping meeting South Korea is hosting next week, where countries are expected to make new pledges to the UN.

To that end, the U.S. is also asking that Canadian officials arrive in Seoul with a plan to commit medical units and unmanned drones to UN peacekeeping missions.

Trudeau first promised the 200-strong quick reaction force while hosting a high-profile peacekeeping conference in Vancouver in November 2017, but the government has yet to register it with the UN.

The prime minister also pledged at the time to provide a helicopter unit and military transport aircraft, both of which have since been deployed.

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