Canada's climate adaptation plans under scrutiny as flooding hits both coasts

Climate adaptation plans?

Heavy rains that flooded both the East and West coasts of Canada are drawing attention to how ill prepared most of this country is for the extreme weather that comes with a changing climate.

Dale Beugin of the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices says governments are spending most of their time working to slow climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are not responding fast enough to the threats that are already here.

Those threats are being felt in real time this month with massive rainstorms washing out roads in British Columbia and Nova Scotia in under 10 days.

The NDP and Conservatives are planning today to request an emergency debate on the B.C. flooding disaster and climate change.

NDP emergency preparedness critic Richard Cannings says having a bag packed for potential evacuation due to wildfires or floods has become a regular part of life in his southern B.C. riding.

Cannings believes an emergency debate can help focus government attention on both rebuilding and prevention.

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