Bloc call for Brome-Missisquoi recount halted, confirming federal seat for Liberals

Recount halts, Libs win seat

The Liberals have been confirmed as winners in the Quebec riding of Brome-Missisquoi after the Bloc Quebecois halted a recount of federal election votes.

The recount was requested by Marilou Alarie, the Bloc candidate who came a narrow second in the riding.

Elections Canada says the recount was stopped following a request from Alarie, who originally asked for the votes to be checked.

On election night Alarie was leading by a slim margin, but the Liberal candidate Pascale St-Onge was announced the winner after mail-in ballots were counted the next day.

Elections Canada has now confirmed the Liberals as victors in the seat, by 197 votes.

There have been four recounts since election night Sept. 20. In the Toronto riding of Davenport votes are still being tallied.

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