PPC removes riding association president after gravel thrown at Justin Trudeau

PPC fires riding head

The People's Party of Canada says it has removed its president of the Elgin Middlesex London riding association after a handful of gravel was thrown at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau during a campaign stop in London, Ont., earlier this week.

PPC spokesman Martin Masse says the party removed Shane Marshall from the post after it viewed clips of the small stones thrown at Trudeau posted to social media.

Masse says the party hasn't looked into the allegations itself and is leaving it up to police to investigate.

The Canadian Press has been unable to reach Marshall for comment and sent messages to a phone number and email associated with a social media account linked to him, as well as with local PPC candidate Chelsea Hiller.

The riding association said it was not in touch with Marshall and would not be reaching out.

Police in London, Ont., are investigating what happened at Monday's campaign stop.

Asked whether Marshall is a suspect or whether any charges have been laid in the case, a police spokesman says there is nothing to add at this time but an update will be provided when there is one.

Trudeau says he wasn't hurt in the incident, but felt the gravel hit him.

Other federal party leaders condemned the stone-throwing and have made previous statements against the actions of foul-mouthed protesters who have followed Trudeau throughout the campaign, stopping one event from happening due to security concerns.

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