Canadians looking forward to travelling this year

Canadians hopeful to travel

Despite the pandemic finish line still out of sight, a new study found that over 70 per cent of Canadians feel hopeful about travelling in 2021.

The study, conducted by Booking.com also found that the trust in vaccines runs deep, with 69 per cent of Canadian travellers stating that they won’t travel internationally until they have been vaccinated.

Despite feeling mostly optimistic, Canadian travellers acknowledged that not being able to travel in 2020 like they used to in previous years has had a significant effect on their well-being, with 49 per cent reporting a negative impact on their mental health and 45 per cent having felt imprisoned in their own home due to travel restrictions.

To help Canadian travellers safely reach their desired destination, there appears to be a consensus that governments, travellers and the wider travel ecosystem need to work together.

Following the impact that COVID-19 has had on the travel industry, 93 per cent of Canadian travellers think the industry needs to be supported to get back on its feet. Over half of those surveyed believe that government financial stimulus are now needed to help travel’s recovery and 43 per cent worry that the industry won’t survive unless it is supported with government grants.

“Booking.com remains optimistic that at some point in the not-so-distant future, everyone may once again be able to travel and experience the world together,” says Adriana Mantilla, regional manager Canada at Booking.com.

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