Toronto-based company 'Brokinis' makes bikini swimwear for men

Would you wear a Brokini?

More than 100 years have passed without any advancement in men’s bathing suits... until now.

That's the slogan for the Toronto-based company Brokinis, a new brand that makes bikini-style swimwear for men. The product is a combination of a speedo and a male romper, which has reminded many of the Borat mankini.

"We've actually gotten the Borat comparison quite a few times," says co-owner Taylor Field. "Which is funny because it wasn't part of our consideration, but ours is definitely less risqué because we wanted people to be able to wear our stuff out in public."

Field co-runs the company with his university classmate Chad Sasko, and they came up with the idea while they were going through a number of bachelor parties through their mid-twenties and thirties.

"The first bachelor party started out with someone wearing a weird shirt, then by like the sixth one we were going out in speedos," says Field. "Chad and I thought about how we could keep pushing the envelope, and through that thought process the brokini was born."

The brokini has blown up basically overnight – since going viral on Monday, they have nearly sold out their entire inventory. They plan on making more once orders are processed, and they may even expand into retail after the overwhelming public attention.

"The past couple days have been insane, we had no idea we were going to get this much publicity," says Field. "We don't see this as a big money maker or anything, we just decided to make this product to be different then other businesses and now here we are."


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Brokinis uses social media as their primary marketing tool, posting pictures to their Instagram page to get the word out on their product. They don't shell out any money for models to wear their products for their photoshoots – in fact, the "models" in the picture above are actually Sasko and Field. They did an impromptu photo shoot at the Grand Bend beach near London, Ontario, a popular beach town in southwestern Ontario.

"It was just us and a couple friends having fun at the beach, and we had a blast doing the photoshoot," says Field. "We turned quite a few heads on that shoot day – we've worn them out in public a bunch of times and every time we always get funny looks."

To learn more about Brokinis and if you want to purchase one for yourself, you can visit their website at www.brokinis.com.

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