New poll indicates Canadians don't feel WE will bring down Trudeau

WE scandal not resonating

A new report from Vancouver based non-profit Angus Reid seems to indicate Canadians aren't phased by the latest ethics scandal to plague the federal Liberals.

After unprecedented testimony in front of MPs from the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, and co-founding brothers of the WE organization, it appears that little has changed about the affair in the eyes of Canadians – even though they expect more revelations to come.

The latest survey results indicate that 72 per cent of Canadians, remain unconvinced they have all of the facts surrounding the scandal as they await the findings from an ongoing ethics investigation. But the survey also says, opinions about what happened, and the gravity of the scandal are unchanged from last month. In July, 58 per cent of Canadians feel the scandal is serious, including 30 per cent of 2019 Liberal voters.

Angus Reid has found that two camps have formed around this latest Liberal scandal. Past Liberal and NDP voters and women are far more likely to say Trudeau’s actions represented an ethics breach or a simple mistake, while expecting the government to survive long-term. Men, particularly those over the age of 34, and past Conservative voters see something more serious at play and want a criminal investigation. This group also believes the government may be ultimately brought down by the scandal.

For those who are interested, the Cable Public Affairs Channel is covering much of the proceedings.
The latest polling information from Angus Reid also indicates, that on the whole, Canadian opinion has not substantially changed since the spring and a majority continues to say Justin Trudeau is doing a good job overall.

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