Canadians will spend an estimated $1.5 billion this Father's Day

$1.5B Father's Day spend

A new survey from Finder.com reveals Canadians plan to spend in excess of $1.5 billion this Father's Day. 

Data reveals nearly half (45 per cent) of Canadian adults plan to spend money to celebrate Father's Day this year on Sunday, June 21. That's an estimated 13.5 million people planning to spend an average of $114 each. 

According to the research, daughters are more likely to celebrate Father's Day with 53 per cent of women planning to spend money on celebrating the holiday compared to 37 per cent of men. 

Mother's Day spending is more popular than Father's Day spending, with 23 per cent fewer Canadians planning on spending money for Father's Day than they did for Mother's Day this year. 

Gen Z came out on top in the generosity category, planning to spend an average of $259 on Father's Day this year - more than double what millennials plan to spend at $104. 

Across the provinces, Manitobans are the least likely to celebrate (30 per cent) but plan to spend the most ($298 average). Nova Scotians are the most likely to celebrate (51 per cent), but also plan to spend the least of all the provinces with an average spend of $65. 

In addition to the survey, Finder.com has released a list of "social distance edition" celebration ideas on how to practise a smaller and safer way of celebrating Father's Day: 

1. Ultimate BBQ

"If you live in a province where small outdoor gatherings among family members are permitted then this is the time to test out the new normal when it comes to socializing. 

"The safest way to enjoy the day is to remain outdoors and make sure you are keeping physical distance between family members. Prepare Dad’s favourite dishes but keep it casual and serve them buffet style. This way family members can eat in a more spaced out style than they would at a typical Father’s Day BBQ."

2. Social distance spread

"Some dads may be in a high risk group and prefer to stay inside for now. If yours falls in this category do something special to bring the BBQ experience to him. Some popular steakhouses are offering kits to replicate their classic steak dinner at home. 

"Another option is to use a food delivery app to bring his favourite meal to his doorstep."

3. Golf date with Dad

"Golf courses were some of the first leisure activities to reopen across the country because of how naturally suited the sport is to social distancing. Gift your dad with some new golf gear and hit the links together (if you can) for a day he will really enjoy."

4. Budget friendly finds

"Many Canadians are strapped for cash at the moment and at the same time tied to their computers. What better time than now to look for some great online deals? Shop early to allow extra time for shipping to ensure your Father’s Day gift arrives before the big day."

5. Show your love

"For most Dads showing your love and appreciation for all they have done for you is the greatest gift. No need to break the bank, a special handwritten card or a phone call to reminisce over favourite memories will really warm the heart."

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