Out-of-home coffee purchases halved during social distancing

Coffee drinkers staying in

It's no secret that Canadians love coffee, but are people still getting their regular caffeine fix while social distancing?

Findings from a new Field Agent Canada survey suggest coffee consumption is stable, but there's been a huge shift in where we get our daily fix.

Prior to social distancing, 91 per cent of respondents say they regularly consumed coffee purchased outside the home.

However, in the past week this has halved to just 46 per cent of respondents purchasing coffee outside the home.

Tim Hortons has been the destination of choice for out-of-home coffee drinkers during physical distancing times.

It also topped the list of the most frequent brands used at home (13 per cent), followed by Folgers, Maxwell House, Starbucks, Nescafe (all at 8 per cent) and Nespresso and McCafe (both at 7 per cent). 

Of the 700 respondents surveyed by Field Agent Canada, 79 per cent called themselves regular coffee drinkers who consume 2.4 servings per day on average. 

For full details of the survey and other similar studies, visit this link

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