Launch of resource for educators on child and youth family violence during the time of COVID-19

Resources for family violence

During the COVID-19 pandemic, children and youth who are at risk for family violence, hunger or related challenges remain unseen and unheard because of their isolation.

"They need support now, more than ever," says Andrea Chrysanthou of Global Public Affairs in a press release. 

"During this time of national crisis, some members of our society are more adversely impacted than others."

Usually identifying and supporting these young people on regular in-person basis was done through the education system, but as classes move online, it's become harder to identify those needing help, so alternatives are required.

"Responding to this need, Senator Stanley Kutcher (Nova Scotia) and Dr. Wendy Carr (UBC) have worked with educational and child/youth facing agencies to create a support tool to help educators, counsellors, administrators and others in their virtual communication and outreach to at-risk children and youth," adds Chrysanthou. 

This free online resource is available in both English and French, with input from Children First Canada, Kids Help Phone and education partners in the Province of British Columbia (UBC Faculty of Education, British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, BC School Superintendents Association, and BC School Counsellors Association). 

"It is strongly supported by members of the Senate who have direct experience in education, social work and/or medicine."

The resource is made available in the hope that educators will find it helpful as they work to address the holistic needs of their students during this time of crisis.

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