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Kelowna artist donates paintings to UBC Health and Wellness Centre

Kelowna artist donates paintings to UBC Health and Wellness Centre

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Artist Jane Everett of Kelowna has donated a collection of art to the Health and Wellness Centre at UBC's Okanagan campus.

The four oil paintings -- valued at $13,800 -- are part of the university's Public Art Collection, which consists of more than 230 paintings, drawings, video works, photos, prints, sculptures and an array of other media.

"Jane's paintings evoke a calm beauty and placidity that is a perfect fit for the quiet and peaceful oasis of Health and Wellness," says Susan Belton, curator of the Public Art Collection. "Her abstract style captures a tranquil, reflective mood. The paintings are executed with layers of oil on canvas or linen, which projects an ethereal depth of colour and emanates a sort of quiet light from within."

Health and Wellness is hosting an open house on December 16 (4 to 6 p.m. in the University Centre room UNC 337) where the University will formally recognize the Everett donation, as well as the in-kind photography donation of photographer Ian Macmillan.

“It is very important to the university to have a Public Art Collection,” says Belton. “It enriches our campus visually and enlivens the academic experience. It makes our institution a unique place -- broadening cultural horizons and deepening historical understanding.”

The greatest proportion of art in UBC's Okanagan Public Art Collection has been acquired from the graduating students of the Fine Art program. However, the Public Art Collection also features works from Governor General's Award Winners Carl Beam and Nobuo Kubota, as well as works from professional artists Ann Kipling, Anna Coughlin and a number of Inuit artists, including Order of Canada recipient Helen Kalvak.

“It is an honour to have international and local artists contribute to our collection,” says Belton. “We are pleased that artists like Bryan Ryley, Byron Johnson and Jane Everett have chosen us for their donation. With each piece, we grow our collection, we increase its value and we provide opportunity for students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors to expand their appreciation and understanding of art.”

The complete Public Art Collection can be viewed online at http://gallery.ok.ubc.ca/pac.

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