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UBC's Wine Research Centre offers micro-credential in wine tasting

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UBCO is offering a micro-credential course in wine tasting. Registration is now open for classes taking place in July where participants will learn from a professor with the University of Bordeaux.

It's no secret UBC's Okanagan campus is situated in British Columbia's largest wine-growing region, providing ample fertile ground for researchers in the university's Wine Research Centre.

Now, the Wine Research Centre is offering a wine tasting micro-credential, open to anyone who wants to learn more about the art--and science--behind the many flavours and aromas of wine.

This summer UBCO is hosting two separate full-day Wine Tasting Ability (WTA) BC Canada Level One courses where people can learn the vocabulary of wine tasting, wine-making principles, and the many different types of wine.

The wine tasting micro-credential develops foundational knowledge and basic skills in wine and wine tasting. It is the first level of a newly proposed three-level WTA BC Canada program being developed through a unique UBC and University of Bordeaux collaboration. The course will be taught by Dr. Axel Marchal, Professor with the University of Bordeaux’s Science Institute of Vine and Wine (ISVV), and Dr. Jacques-Olivier Pesme, Director of the UBC Wine Research Centre.

The course allows people to experience the world of wine in all its dimensions, as a multi-sensory environment that reflects the interaction between people and place, explains Dr. Marchal.

"The ISVV has extensive experience in research and education in enology and sensory analysis, cultivated for over a century," says Dr. Marchal. "We offer the culmination of this knowledge through specialized training programs, such as the WTA BC Canada, for individuals who are eager to gain a deeper understanding of wine and wine tasting.”

Micro-credentials are short, highly-focused programs and participants often receive an official form of certification. The Wine Tasting Ability credential responds to industry demands for a better-trained workforce and will create greater awareness about the identity and the importance of the BC wine territory, explains Dr. Pesme.

"The wine industry in BC is a significant driver in the province's economy with $3.75 billion of economic impact," says Dr. Pesme. "This is the first time the course is being offered outside of Bordeaux, and the goal is to offer world-class education, derived from scientific research, to continue that growth and support the approximately 12,000 people working in the industry."

Along with learning about how to taste wines, including the different steps involved in a tasting, participants will also have an introduction to the main vine varietals, their unique characteristics and also learn the basics of winemaking and skills to knowledgeably enjoy wine tasting.

The Wine Tasting Ability micro-credential will be offered on July 18 and again on July 20. All participants must be 19 or over and those who complete the course will receive a non-credit letter of proficiency awarded jointly by UBC Okanagan and the University of Bordeaux.

More information can be found at: cpe.ok.ubc.ca/wine-tasting-ability

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