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Okanagan College alumni team up to launch new EP as annual music concert set to take place

Jessica Bourelle and her musical production team give thumbs ups.

As a kid, Jessica Bourelle dreamed of being a musician, singing along to songs she heard on the radio or ones that she had written herself.  

She had the heart of a poet, loved writing and dreamed of a career in music. But like a lot of creative forces, Jessica wondered if her songs were good enough. 

Enter Okanagan College’s Audio Engineering and Music Production program, a certificate course that prepares individuals to work in a variety of different music production careers. It was in the program that Jessica’s confidence soared with a supportive environment and a professor who cared. 

With help from other graduates of the program, Jessica has now released her first EP, a beautiful three-song album called Haunted and Healed.  

“Before I came to Okanagan College years ago, I had dreamed of releasing music to help people heal but had very little belief in myself that I could do it,” she says. “I remember thinking I wasn’t talented. But the lead instructor inspired me to believe in my ability. The program is full of amazing people, and it really made the difference in my belief in myself.” 

With a confidence boost from her time in the studio at Okanagan College, Jessica channeled her creative energy. She began writing the songs that would make up Haunted and Healed.

In the summer of 2021, with the lyrics taking shape, Jessica met fellow program graduate Chaianne Ellis. After graduating from the program, Chaianne started her own production company called SoulTech. She jumped on board and production would begin later that year with the aid of fellow OC alums Jake Swartzenberger and Aaron Quibell.

The resulting Haunted and Healed is a melodic and meditative mix of soothing sounds. 

“It’s beyond fulfilling,” says Jessica. “The best part is I get to hear from folks around me on how the songs make them feel and for the most part, I hear they are relaxed or that they feel like meditating.”  

For these two OC grads, their education has come full circle. Both now work at Okanagan College in addition to their musical pursuits. 

“I would recommend the Audio Engineering and Music Production program to anyone who is interested in music, art, production, and unity,” says Chaianne. “Throughout the course, new sound is discovered, and the perspective of listening is changed. The Haunted and Healed project was very exciting to be a part of. It's exciting to work with artists and creative minds like Jessica.” 

The EP Haunted and Healed is available for purchase on iTunes and is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube music.


Okanagan College’s Audio Engineering and Music Production program is hosting its annual concert on Jan. 28 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts, celebrating the successes of past and present students. This year’s concert, Hoots & Hollers – A night of country music, features OC alum Paige Madison alongside the opening act, The Whelms. Tickets are on sale here.

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