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OC improves access to childcare training for infant-toddler care


Training to care for infants and toddlers in childcare settings has never been easier to access.

Okanagan College is holding a special intake for the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Infant-Toddler Certificate program that is designed to enhance access for those already working in the field of childcare. Classes are part-time and held online, making it easy for those to balance work and training.

“Okanagan College has heard from people working in the childcare sector that they want to expand their professional scope to include infants and toddlers but not step away from their careers. Making the training more accessible supports childcare providers and employers,” said Carly Hall, Okanagan College Dean of Health and Social Development.

The ECE Infant-Toddler Certificate provides advanced training for individuals to care for children under three years of age. The program covers developmentally responsive environments, working with families and communities, practices in infant and toddler care, as well as work-based practicum.

“There is a strong need for Early Childhood Educators in the Okanagan, and that’s why we are working with Okanagan College to expand access to ECE programs,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Training. “More students will be able to study for a career in this in-demand field and help build an economy that works for more families and leads to a stronger B.C. for everyone.”

The intake starts Oct. 16 and runs through the middle of July. Applicants must have previously earned the basic ECE Certificate to gain admission to the program.

This special intake of ECE Infant-Toddler Certificate has received $158,000 in funding from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. You can read more about this new support for ECE training at Okanagan College and a number other public post-secondary institutions in the media release from the Government of BC.

For information or to apply, visit www.okanagan.bc.ca/ECE-IT.

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