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OC students get primed for financial success

Xiaochen Yang, OC School of Business student

A local partnership with a non-profit company, Launch Financial Education Society (Launch Okanagan), is powering up to help Okanagan College students boost their financial literacy this spring.

Starting March 2, OC students will benefit from a free financial literacy program hosted online by Launch Okanagan. The Primer for Life series is an interactive, five-week program that offers students a chance to learn about their relationship with money, consumerism, budgeting, saving and credit. A number of Okanagan College Business students are also volunteering as facilitators and ambassadors to help encourage their peers in other program areas to drop into the sessions to boost their financial literacy.

Xiaochen Yang is one of those students lending her time and expertise to help raise awareness for the program. Yang is enrolled in OC’s School of Business Post-Baccalaureate Diploma program in Accounting and while she has always had an interest in numbers, this workshop means something different for her.

“It’s important for us as post-secondary students to know how to manage our wealth and educate ourselves on personal finances,” says Yang. “This is a chance for us to build another skill and give us an idea of how to wisely deal with our incomes.”

The Primer for Life program is geared to young adults in post-secondary and will be delivered virtually, allowing OC students from across the Okanagan region to participate.

“This program was created to provide youth with the financial knowledge and skills they need to feel confident in making financial decisions,” says Jennifer Robins, Executive Director of Launch Okanagan. “Workshop sessions are free and there aren’t any financial or income restrictions you need to attend – everyone is welcome.”

A new financial topic is covered each week and, to accommodate busy academic and work schedules, students can choose from two time slots per week to attend.

OC students can enrol and view the workshop schedule at www.okanagan.bc.ca/ocprimerforlife.

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