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Pizza over procrastination: OC students power through deadlines together during annual event

Long Night Against Procrastination poster with a map showing all the ways we distract ourselves, plus the Nov. 26 date of the event

Long Night Against Procrastination is back – even with the pizza – and all from the comfort of home.

An Okanagan College rite of passage, Long Night Against Procrastination has helped countless students kick procrastination to the curb and get assignments in on time.

In recent years, the popular Penticton event had spread to multiple campuses, as students converged on campus for a late-night cram session, surrounded by faculty, librarians and Success Centre coordinators who would help with final assignments, papers and projects due at the end of term.

“We would have students on campus in their pyjamas, studying late into the night, while connecting with friends over a slice of pizza and relieving stress by doing yoga,” says Eva Gavaris, a Librarian at the Penticton campus.

“Long Night Against Procrastination was fun and productive, and we know students always looked forward to it,” says Frances Greenslade, English Department faculty member who brought the first Long Night to OC in 2015. “This tradition had to continue, despite the pandemic – so we’re adapting the event so students can have the experience at home.”

On Thursday, Nov. 26, Okanagan College students can log onto an online platform where they can join breakout rooms for help from professors, librarians and Success Centre coordinators.

The first 50 students who show up online will be provided free pizza vouchers to fuel their studies. Study breaks and stress-busting activities like yoga and meditation will be offered, and a prize draw will be held every hour starting at 8 p.m.

The entire session is free for Okanagan College students. Just register to receive the event link: www.okanagan.bc.ca/longnight.

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