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Showcasing TRU Wildfire’s partnerships and plans

Following the April 4 announcement by BC Premier David Eby, Vice-President Research Shannon Wagner recently represented TRU at the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement’s Wildfire Technology Management Summit in Pasadena, California.

This summit was one of the first formal opportunities to share information about the unique partnership between TRU and the British Columbia Wildfire Service (BCWS), and highlight the impact that research-informed education and training will have on helping society adapt to living with wildfires.

Wagner co-presented with David Greer, BCWS’s director of Strategic Engagement and Partnerships, on Innovations in Wildfire Management Education and Research. The presentation reflected the concept of TRU Wildfire — its ecosystem model that integrates research, education, training and innovation — and advanced the idea that climate adaptation and wildfire studies should be a fully recognized academic and research discipline.

Over two days, speakers, leaders and wildfire professionals from federal, state, local and international agencies came together to explore the latest innovations in wildland fire prevention, detection and suppression.

The presentations, discussion and other information shared at the summit reinforced that traditional ways of thinking about wildfire are no longer adequate and the need for new research is urgent. Conference participants underscored the vital importance of expanding wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts in co-ordination with suppression. The summit also emphasized the impacts of wildfire are broad and far-reaching, affecting the whole of society.

The summit also featured new wildfire innovations, including early detection camera systems and data visualization tools, and provided valuable insights for how data provision, product testing and efficient connections between service vendors and wildfire agencies can be incorporated into TRU Wildfire’s innovation arm.

TRU will continue to showcase the innovative partnership with BCWS, build partnerships, share TRU’s wildfire expertise and highlight the TRU Wildfire initiative.

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