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TRU partners with BorderPass to enhance support for international students

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KAMLOOPS — A new partnership between Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and BorderPass, a leading digital immigration platform, will improve safety, support and success for international students.

Recent changes in Canadian immigration policies have prompted a need for enhanced support and transparency in the immigration process for international students. By offering this comprehensive support system, TRU is not only ensuring compliance with evolving immigration policies, but also prioritizing the welfare and success of its international student community from application to graduation and beyond.

With over 40 years of international education and innovation, TRU has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to international students from over 100 countries and regions. Boasting one of Canada’s largest international student advising teams and a dedicated international admissions team, TRU ensures a seamless transition for students worldwide. BorderPass joins TRU’s portfolio of resources, enhancing its robust support system for international students.

Founded by experts in technology and Canadian immigration law, BorderPass provides a comprehensive suite of services to simplify the immigration process for international students. BorderPass allows TRU to significantly enhance safety and success for international students.

“International students face formidable challenges navigating the intricate and uncertain landscape of the Canadian immigration system. By integrating technology with immigration expertise, this partnership with BorderPass represents a pivotal step forward in our commitment to enhancing international students’ educational experience and success,” says ZiPing Feng, TRU chief international enrolment officer.

Students will have direct access to trusted Canadian immigration lawyers, who can provide guidance on application preparation and submission, and immigration processes, as well as broader aspects of student life, including housing, community integration, and career and settlement planning. This ensures students comply with legal requirements and thrive in their new environment.

TRU is offering new students no-cost access to BorderPass services for one year. This eases the financial and administrative burdens of studying abroad, and allows students to access personalized consultations, group workshops, and continuous visa and residency support. This generous offer means students can focus on their academic success and fully immerse themselves in their educational experience at TRU.

“The partnership with TRU marks a significant step in expanding the BorderPass platform to support international students in Kamloops and now coast-to-coast. Together, we’re contributing to regional economic growth across Canada by enriching the educational experiences of international students,” says Sally Daub, BorderPass co-founder.

“By improving access to legal services, career guidance, and settlement pathways, TRU is further demonstrating a commitment to supporting the success and well-being of international students and their positive contributions to Canada’s talent base.”

This partnership reflects TRU’s dedication to creating a nurturing and secure environment that supports every student’s academic and personal growth. For more details on this partnership and what it means for prospective and current TRU students, visit www.tru.ca/borderpass



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Marketing and Communications, Thompson Rivers University
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Michael Pietrocarlo, head of marketing
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About BorderPass

BorderPass is an award-winning digital platform designed to simplify the immigration journey for students, newcomers, educational institutions, and employers. The platform provides tools and lawyer-verified guidance to study, work, and live in a new country with a full spectrum of services including visa applications, document management, and practical settlement assistance such as housing and career support.

BorderPass was developed by experts in law and technology who believe that increasing access to legal support improves immigration outcomes. This approach facilitates a smooth transition for over tens of thousands of newcomers on the platform, enables regulatory compliance for leading colleges and universities, and promotes sustainable growth for local communities and national economies.

For more information, visit borderpass.ca/.

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