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Funding boosts 21 new research projects

Congratulations to the 21 researchers who received 2018 Internal Research Fund awards. The fund provides a maximum of $100,000 annually to support research with the principle aim of scaffolding faculty development, especially in terms of tenure and promotion. Those awarded are:

Faculty of Arts

  • Catherine Ortner, Validation of Mouse-Tracking Methods to Examine the Dynamic Cognitive Processes Underlying Emotion Regulation Choices
  • Monica Sanchez-Flores, An Examination of Service Learning, International Trades and Tech Practicum: Installation of Solar Panels in Low-Income Homes in Oaxaca, Mexico

Faculty of Education and Social Work

Faculty of Law

  • Christopher Hunt, The Law of Privilege
  • Sarah Marsden, Who bears the burden of enforcement? Assessing the protection of migrant workers in Canadian immigration law
  • Samuel Singer, Remission Orders as a Canadian Tax Debt Relief Vehicle

Faculty of Science

  • Mohamed Tawhid, Discrete Heat Transfer Search (DHTS) for Travelling Salesman Problem
  • Dipesh Prema, New Catalysts for the Conversion of Fatty Acid Triglycerides into Green Diesel and Commodity Chemicals
  • Naowarat Cheeptham, Bat Wing/Skin Microbiomes: Culture Dependent Approach
  • Piper Jackson, Machine Generated Simulation Data for Aging Well
  • Thomas Pypker, Impact of canopy structure and throughfall distribution on the establishment of the epiphytic lichen Lobaria pulmonaria
  • Kingsley Donkor, Oligosaccharides as Biomarkers for Characterization of Differences in Dairy Milk
  • Jonathan Van Hamme, Fungal Contributions to Post-Thaw Permafrost Carbon Cycling
  • Karl Larsen, The effects of seasonality on the behaviour and well-being of feral domestic cats

School of Nursing

  • Joyce O’Mahony, Supporting Emotional Well-being and Access to Health Care of Syrian Mothers: A Collaboration amongst Community Stakeholders, Researchers, and Research Users
  • Judy Duchscher, Bicultural Immersion During an Undergraduate BScN Program: The Influence on Professional Role Transition
  • Lisa Bourque-Bearskin, Indigenous Nursing Research Program

School of Business and Economics

  • Matti Haverila, A qualitative study of brand community constructs and indicators
  • Ehsan Latif, Health and Mental Wellbeing during Canada’s Economic Boom, Bust and Recovery
  • Farimah Hakem Zadeh, Title: Bridging the gap between research and practice in management- A quasi-experiment of actionability
  • Warveni Jap, Comparing the Student Centric Measures in Canada and China

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