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Reviewing three options for cannabis edibles

Eat, drink, and get high

If you’re more into eating and drinking than smoking and vaping, there are lots of edible options when it comes to cannabis.

Here are three:

Spicy Dill Pickle gummies by Sunshower

I’ll admit, this is the most apprehensive I’ve felt toward any cannabis gummy flavour to date.

Sunshower’s Spicy Dill Pickle gummies are one of the first savoury style gummies to enter the cannabis space. They smell just like dill pickle chips—and while my mouth was watering, my brain was confused.

At first taste, the gummies are sweet from the sugary coating, but after a few chews, pickles and spice take the driver’s seat. The colour is very much pickle green, with a dusting of sugar. As with other Sunshower gummies, the texture makes for a satisfying chew without feeling too rubbery. Two gummies come in the package, each at five milligrams THC for a total of 10 milligrams per bag. They’re a fun novelty, but are perhaps a little too far out in left-field to eat regularly—unless you really like pickles.

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar by Phat420

One of my biggest gripes about cannabis chocolate is, often, you get a tiny little bite. Just give me a proper portion size! With its Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar, Phat420 does just that—gives you a proper chocolate bar. The best part of this treat is the covering of hazelnuts on one side, which gives the bar a great crunch. The other side is inscribed with the word “Choklat.” The milk chocolate itself is sweet and milky, with a similar taste to Easter bunny chocolate. The whole bar contains 10 milligrams of THC, which is extracted using CO2. This is great value at $5 and feels like a full snack instead of a tease.

Mexican Drinking Chocolate by Phat420

This drink was not what I expected. If you’re looking for a sweet cup of soothing cocoa, you won’t find it with Mexican Drinking Chocolate by Phat420. I’m no stranger to spicy food, and I expected a bit of heat seeing that cayenne is one of the ingredients listed. But I admit I was unprepared for exactly how picante this was going to be. Three sips in and my nose was runny. After about seven sips I was considering pre-emptive Pepto Bismol. About halfway through, I got the heat hiccups. Near the end, I filled the glass up with milk and through sheer willpower gulped it down because I refused to dump $10 down the drain. On the positive side, it smells good when you open it. There is a subtleness of chocolate and spiciness, however the nutmeg and cloves stand out the most. Unfortunately, the intriguing smell doesn’t translate into flavour. As for packaging, the chocolate drinking mix was packaged only in the one bag, avoiding the double packaging some products use. It’s cool to see a hot chocolate-type drink out there now. But this one was not to my taste.

David Wylie is publisher of the oz. magazine. For more reviews of legal cannabis products, go to theounce.ca.

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