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Taking hits for you

Because I’m such a stand-up guy, I regularly take hits on your behalf.

Here’s my latest batch of legal weed reviews.

Benny Blunto by The Loud Plug

I went over to a friend’s house recently. Rather than bring a bottle of wine to share, I brought a blunt.

We sat around a fire in the backyard, sparked up the Benny Blunto from The Loud Plug, and then passed it around. Even with three of us smoking, we had to put it out just over halfway through because we were all toasted.

Opening the bag, the blunt’s rich chocolate and vanilla smell is nice on the nose.

The one-gram handcrafted blunt is wrapped in chamomile paper and packed with Indica-dominant Garlic Breath. It’s strong at 24.5% THC and has 3.05% Terpenes, with Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, and d-Limonene. It comes in a bag with a Boost pack.

The blunt was smooth and burnt well with light grey ash. At $14 this is a nice treat.

It’s from Toronto-based Canadian Clinical Cannabinoids.

Berry Good Day by Monjour

Monjour’s CBD gummies have become a staple. At 20mg of CBD, they’re an excellent option to add a bit of chill to your routine.

I tried the Berry Good Day—they also have Sunny Day Citrus—and they are tasty with great texture. Though you catch some of the bitter cannabis taste, the berry flavour is the star. These are also great value at 30 gummies for $30 or so. That’s a total of 600mg of CBD. It’s a good value for those who benefit from CBD.

The jar is packed with 10 each of three different colours (red, pink, and purple) and hav a slightly varying berry-like flavour. All are yummy, sugary delights.

This is a repeat buy.

Blackberry Breath Pre-rolls by Pistol and Paris

Blackberry Breath pre-rolls have one of the most beautiful and potent fruit smells of any flower I’ve tried so far. As soon as you pop the cap off them, they light up your senses with sweetness.

Labelled as an Indica, the pre-rolls burn almost white. The fruity sweet nose also comes through in the taste. It’s the kind of weed that makes you go, “What was I doing again? Oh yeah, writing a review about Blackberry Breath.”

Grown by JBuds, an Indigenous-owned micro located in Summerland, Blackberry Breath registers at 21.2% THC and 1.27% Terpenes.

There’s a QR code on the tube that links to more info on the Joint Venture Craft Cannabis website.

This is the second pack I bought at a local brick-and-mortar shop because I was so excited about the first one I smoked them all before photographing them—which is indicative of how much I enjoyed it.

BC Valley Gas by Dunn Cannabis

After picking up the jar, I had a feeling right away that BC Valley Gas was going to be good.

The branding is simple and effective, the jar is the perfect size, and the nice thud on the side of jar from the bud hinted at what I’d find inside.

As the name of this offering hints, Abbotsford-based Dunn Cannabis is located in BC’s Fraser Valley.

The lid came off smoothly and the seal was tight. Still, some of the gassy, fruity smell was getting through already.

The THC is at 22.3%, with terpenes listed on the jar at 2.78%—especially high in Farnesene, Trans-Caryophyllene, and Limonene. There’s a Boost pack in the jar.

Buds are dense, moist, and very glittery. One chunky bud weighed in at nearly 2.5 grams. They are deep green hues.

My joint burned light grey. I could take big pulls and it was still smooth. It got me coughing at the end.

This has a great effect.

David Wylie publishes the oz. The latest magazine, Volume 2, Issue 1, will be out in April. Find more reviews at okanaganz.com/oz/reviews.

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