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Q&A with Jeff Herr, creator of the Tok case

Is that a Tok in your pocket?

The Tok case is the Rolex of joint cases.

It’s one of the few accessories I use all the time. Not only does it keep my joints from getting smooshed, it helps me keep track of my lighter.

Wanting to know more, I spoke with B.C. machinist, Jeff Herr, creator of the Tok case.

Q: What is the Tok?

A: The Tok is a purpose-built case to carry your lighter and three doobies with style. It’s a secure place for your pre-rolls machined out of a solid block of aluminum.

Q: What was the design process like?

A: The early days are always fun and exciting. Then comes a lot of work. The first concept was a napkin sketch from a fellow friend and metalworker named Matt. Originally, the lid was removable and it held five doobies and no lighter. The first prototype was a straight-sided box. It was pretty ugly and surprisingly heavy! Thinking about the manufacture was a big part of the design process. There were many revisions to end up with what we have now.

Q: How are they made?

A: The Tok is machined out of a one-pound block of solid aluminum. Machining is the process of cutting metal away as opposed to welding or casting. It results in more precise and stronger parts than other processes.

Q: How is cannabis part of your life?

A: My passion for the Tok is in manufacturing it, I don’t smoke. I do like edibles though. It really takes a very small dose for me so legalization has been great; it gives me all the dosing knowledge I need and it’s so cool to experiment with all the new offerings!

Q: Which Tok is your favourite?

A: A machinist friend (and mentor) was really impressed with my work and told me to try clear anodizing (the process that hardens the aluminum and gives it its colour). He says that clear really helps well-made parts stand out. I had a batch of slides clear anodized as a test and they do look awesome! Especially with the black body. I have no product photography done yet but can’t wait to be able to offer them to the public.

Q: Who did you have in mind when you made it?

A: The buddy I mentioned previously, Matt. He’s a weird and wonderful guy, in the best way possible. He’s a welder and really demanding of his equipment. At the same time, he appreciates fine craftsmanship. He’s carried his Tok for several years now. The original idea was his. I make a special version for him that he sells at his shop.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I would be so stoked for the Tok to go big time. I truly love the manufacturing side of it and the challenge of growing that production and establishing better and better processes really excites me. I’m excited to open up more of the story and people behind the Tok on Instagram (@thetokcase) so people can see that, and I can give credit where credit is due!

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