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Christmas gifts under $20 for those who enjoy cannabis

Cannabis stocking stuffers

Thoughtful stocking stuffers are the unsung heroes of Christmas.

Over the past few years, more than a few family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances have stepped out of the cannabis closet smelling a little skunky.

Perhaps you find yourself struggling to buy gifts for one of these folks and don’t even know where to start. We’re here to help. (If you’re a seasoned stoner, forward this on to your mom.)

Here are four inexpensive and ubiquitous cannabis gifts:

Rolling papers

These are a staple for cannabis smokers. Rollies are perfect to slip inside a Christmas card. The most popular brands are Raw, Zig Zag and Elements. However, you can get really creative because rolling paper choices are myriad, including different colours, flavours and sizes.


Where there’s smoke there must be fire. Lighters make a great stocking stuffer. A multi-pack of lighters is useful for someone (like myself) who misplaces them all the time or forgets them in pockets or runs them through the wash. A big pack is relatively inexpensive and can also be distributed among your stoner friends.

Small canning jars

If you’ve ever made or received homemade jams, jellies or preservatives, you’ll be familiar with these little glass jars. They are also perfect for storing dried cannabis flower. Cannabis aficionados tend to have a bunch of small Bernardin glass jars with tight-sealing lids laying around, as they are essential for keeping flower from drying out quickly when you are saving some or have a surplus. The jars make great gifts. Bonus: Throw in some small humidity packs (Boost or Boveda) or a terracotta humidifying stone and you’ll be a Christmas angel.

Stylish vape-cart batteries

Vaping is an increasingly popular way to get high—basically you heat up cannabis concentrate into a vapour and inhale. You do this through cartridges, widely available and sold by a large variety of cannabis producers. The most common are ‘510-thread’ carts. They are threaded and screw into a pen-sized battery that’s required for it to work. Batteries come in different styles, and basic ones are not overly expensive. They are fun to collect, especially ones that have unique colours and patterns.

If you want ideas for more expensive presents to give the cannabis enthusiasts in your life, check out this list of awesome Canadian-made accessories on the oz. [https://okanaganz.com/oz/features/gift-guide-accessories/]

David Wylie is founder and publisher of the oz., a cannabis publication based in the Okanagan. Reach him at [email protected].

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