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Legal weed hits, and a miss

It’s time for another round of cannabis reviews.

Us folks over at the oz. have been sampling as many legal cannabis products as possible so you can spend your hard-earned cash on the tried and true.

Here are a handful of hits and one big miss:

God Bud by Verse Originals

Can you get an ounce of good weed for $100 on the legal market?

You sure can.

Verse Originals recently dropped a kickass ounce of God Bud that sells for $99 or less—some people have found it for $75 at brick-and-mortar shops.

There was no shake in my 28-oz. bag; mostly medium and larger buds tumbled out. The smell was fruity and the moisture was just right.

It burns grey/white and is a pretty smooth smoke.

It’s tingly on the lips and gives a face-melting high, especially at 18% THC. Personally, I found it makes me creative and mellow.

The main terpenes are Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Myrcene and Humulene.

This is the best value I’ve found on the market so far.

— DW

MacFlurry from BLK MKT

This is one of the prettiest eighths I’ve ever bought.

It’s immediately on the nose, with tangy sweetness of lime.

One big gorgeous sticky bud was packed into the jar, and with a shake you get a satisfying thud of the bud hitting the side.

Both rolled up and in the vape it’s smooth and tasty, allowing for big bold hits without inducing a hacking cough.

The effect for me was at times uplifting, cerebral, chill and creative.

Overall, it’s a powerful high.

The bottle lists 24.6% THC, with 2.23% terpenes—dominated by Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Limonene.

The lineage is a cross between Ice Cream Cake and MAC, and the taste has some of the nuttiness inherent in BLK MKT’s Peanut Butter MAC.

At about $55 for 3.5 grams, MacFlurry is on the pricy end—like all of BLK MKT’s offerings. This one was worth the price of admission.

This is another stand-out offering from a truly premium brand.

— DW

Chocolates by LYF Edibles

LYF Edibles is mixing things up with their chocolates. Not only do they have unique flavour combinations in the current edible market but they also have no sugar added.

First up, we’ve got the NSA Milk Chocolate Coffee Quinoa squares. These pleasantly surprised me, especially because I am not particularly partial to milk chocolate, nor am I a coffee drinker. I thought the bitter notes from the coffee offset the milky sweetness of the chocolate nicely with the delightful crunch from the quinoa for texture. Two squares, with 5mg THC each, are in the package, making this a great little treat.

I had higher expectations for the NSA Dark Chocolate Almond 1:1 squares because one of my favorite indulgences is dark chocolate covered almonds. I was hoping for a strong almond taste and crunch but that was not quite the reality. However, I did still really enjoy this chocolate and its effect. The dark chocolate is classic, strong and bitter with just a hint of the nuttiness. These have 5mg of CBD along with the 5mg of THC in each square.

We picked these up for $4.99 each at a local retailer.

— JN

Sage N’ Sour by MTL Cannabis

Sage N’ Sour lives up to its name; the fresh and potent smell is herbal and citrusy, almost comforting in a way.

It’s high-THC at 24.86% and Sativa-dominant. It’s the first cultivar I’ve seen that features CBG (2%).

This is lovely weed. The buds are nicely trimmed and decently sized. They’re sticky and pull apart fibrously.

Sage N’ Sour quickly became one of my favourites, and the eighth is already nearly gone. At about $30, it’s a bargain on the legal market for the quality.

The Sativa-dominant flower grinds up beautifully. Vaping lets you enjoy the taste, which matches the smell. The airy ground-up bud rolls into densely packed joints that burn well with light grey ash.

Its genetics are S.A.G.E. crossed with Sour Diesel.

My lot is 24.86% THC, packaged March 16, 2021. Its terpene profile includes Terpinolene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, and Ocimene.

— DW

Kiss Gummies by THC BioMed

Have you ever had an awkward make-out partner?

THC Kiss Gummies are like that—an experience that should be enjoyable, but leaves you feeling kinda icky.

Opening up the package, four gummies all melted into one tumbled out. They ripped apart with a bit of force, stretching like putty.

They’re initially alluring with a nice strawberry smell.

Then the Kiss touches your mouth… bland and bitter. It takes a lot of chewing to break it down.

Produced by Kelowna-based THC BioMed, there is 2.5mg of THC in each gummy. The THC is extracted from THC BioMed’s Sativa Landrace strain.

The effect is decent; however, these gummies are more like kissing grandma than a lover.

At least they’re cheap at $3.99.

— DW

Sunset Peach THC Vape by Verse Originals

This fresh and fruity vape is the perfect summer companion.

It goes down sweet and smooth and provides a relaxed and happy buzz, the cannabis equivalent of a peach Bellini.

The Sunset Peach 510-thread Vape cart by Verse Originals comes in a 1g size, and overshadows the Tropic Lemon’s 0.3g but you won’t hear me complain about that. This is my favourite vape to date.

According to Verse they were inspired by the strains Peaches N’ Cream and Strawberry Banana when creating the Sunset Peach flavour. The key terpenes are listed as Alpha Pinene, D-Limonene, and Linalool.

I’m personally not huge on the classic cannabis flavour and you’ll rarely see me with a joint in my hand but sometimes you just don’t want to wait for an edible to hit. That’s where vape carts like this really hit the mark.

A word of warning to you, this one is so tasty you might not want to stop before you’ve hit the moon!

— JN

David Wylie is publisher at the oz. and Jenny Neufeld is the administrative coordinator. They are both passionate about locally crafted legal cannabis products. Check out theounce.ca and sign up for the weekly newsletter to stay on top of the Okanagan cannabis scene.

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