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Put down those joints

If there ever was a time to extoll the virtues of the dry-herb vape, it is now.

It’s a catastrophic fire season in B.C. so far. Temperatures into the mid-40s mean the woods are drier than an eighth packed in 2019.

We don’t need to be risky with our weed.

If you’re out and about in the great outdoors, consider dry-herb vaping.

For the uninitiated, this kind of vaping uses flower, which makes it a fantastic substitute to joints because you still get the tactile experience of using fresh bud. The only other thing you need is a need a dry-herb vapourizer; they range in price depending on make and features.

I prefer the Mighty from Storz and Bickel because it has easy to use temperature controls and makes fantastic vapour clouds.

Think of it like a little oven. You fill the chamber with a nice pinch of herb and turn it on to heat it up. You can control the temperature either with on-screen controls or through a browser that enables Bluetooth connections. (App stores have banned vape apps, but that’s a whole other topic.)

The vape allows you to raise the temperature by degrees, thereby vapourizing the bud’s cannabinoids and terpenes—a.k.a. the good stuff. I like to start at 175F for those smooth hits and slowly raise it to 200F which feels more like smoking.

Not only do you avoid combustion with dry-herb vaping, but also get more of the unique flavours; it’s especially fun when you have a notably flavourful cultivar. Look for strains that have names that appeal to your taste buds—might I suggest Sage N’ Sour, Blueberry Seagal or BC Black Cherry.

If you do want to try dry-herb vaping but don't know where to start or have questions, don't hesitate to email me at [email protected].

Here are five common-sense tips to keep from starting a blaze while getting blazed:

  • Don’t smoke in the woods, doubly-so if it’s windy. Save it for the concrete jungle where you can easily butt out on a sidewalk and an errant ember is less likely to find a place to ignite.
  • On the trail, stick to the gravel or dirt path. It’s legal; you don’t have to hide in the underbrush.
  • Consider dry-herb vaping or hitting a vape cart.
  • Drinks are a perfect companion. You’re going to be thirsty anyway, so why not bring a few iced teas or sparkling waters to quench your thirst and get your buzz on.
  • If you choose to smoke in the wild nonetheless, don’t toss your joint absentmindedly. Stamp it out.

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